I just read that the about us page of a website is the second most viewed page on the web. This means that is a great place to add a video about the company.

c2mtl-1070I recently attended the C2MTL event on creativity and commerce in Montréal, where I listened to many great presentations by world-class leaders of businesses and organizations.

Two of the presenters who spoke about their companies had something in common, even though they were very different businesses.

The first was Tony Hsieh of Zappos.com. Zappos is a famous online retailer of shoes and clothing that was sold to Amazon in 2009. They’re also well known for their great customer service. Tony attributed the great customer service and the excellent performance of the company to its culture and core values, which are strongly linked to his own personal values.

I later checked Zappos out on the web and found a great about us video that was voiced by its employees. In the video they talk about the culture and values of the company and how it motivates them to do what they do.

The other presenter was Ray Davis of Umpqua Bank in Portland, Oregon. Ray claims that they are the most unique bank in the world, and he also spoke about the culture and values of the company, which drives their different way of thinking and approach to banking.

The video I found about the Umpqua bank that I really liked was also voiced by the employees. Both these videos had a quirkiness to them, which I think really reflects their individual cultures.

I think a great about us video is a different form of a corporate profile video and in these two examples, both organizations come across as authentic and special. I feel it makes you want to do business with them and has them stand out from the crowd.

Involving key employees who are passionate about the company and their jobs is a great approach for making an about us video. Not only does it communicate better who the company is, but it provides a way to engage employees and can give them a feeling of pride.

As businesses strive to retain clients and win new ones, building relationships is a key element in that process. For that reason, a great about us video can be an important step in communicating who you are to your ideal clients.

Steve Goldberg