Mia Pearson, founder of the PR agency North Strategic ,  says video is an influential business tool for companies who want to take advantage of the power of visual storytelling.

According to ComScore, a marketing-research company, Canada is one of the world’s largest users of video.  Did you know that 71% of Canadian Internet users visit YouTube every month? This presents a huge opportunity for companies to market their products or services using video.

We all realize that the video trend is here and we will see more businesses using video to create and share content. The biggest obstacle for smaller companies is budget. But more and more video production companies are offering online services that cut the production costs while still being able to create well produced videos.

For example, Visual.ly  automates the process through its launching of a creation portal that allows people to easily produce their own infographics.

Video companies that offer online services is a great strategy for those smaller companies to be able to compete with the advertising agencies of the larger companies at a fraction of the cost.