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This is a corporate video that provides an overview of the business, professional firm or association. It is designed to begin building a relationship with the viewer and communicate the main mission, values and corporate image. It may contain interviews with principles & employees, along with a professional voice over. It has a documentary style feel to it.


Non-profit organizations need to promote their message as much or more than businesses since they exist because of donations from the community at large. These videos tend to tell a story that also contains a call for help and support. A documentary style video is the most effective communication approach for these videos.


This is an advertising video to promote a brand product or service for broadcasting on television or the web. It is designed to generate awareness of a brand to entice retailers to stock the product or to sell directly to consumers on the web or TV.
These videos are short, 30 sec. to 90 sec. and highly engaging with a strong call to action at the end. These videos often mix on screen talent with graphics and music/ sound effects.


Training videos can be stand alone videos to demonstrate a product or service or to communicate a process. They may be part of a new training program for classroom or as an e-learning program. They require a content expert to work with in order to be able to clearly communicate the message and achieve the desired learning outcome.


This type of video provides a more in-depth explanation of the resources of a company that usually manufactures complex products such as heavy industry manufacturers, natural resource producers, pharmaceutical companies, software producers, financial institutions, etc. These videos are destined towards government agencies and large corporations. The videos must have high production values to communicate the sophistication of the product, the research and development and/or the manufacturing process.


This is an artistic video tour of a retail establishment.   These videos are filmed cinematically to highlight products sold by the company.  DSLR cameras allow for fluidity of movement and the use of natural light so that these videos are especially creative and stylish. Carefully written text and engaging music add the final touch to entice the viewers to visit your establishment!