Do you or others in your organization regularly make PowerPoint presentations for sales, corporate communications, training and other communication initiatives?

Then the following information should be of particular interest to you as it will help you to make your great presentations travel so much further.

Now you can create professional videos of your PowerPoint presentations to publish through your existing internal network or through the web. This can greatly improve communication, training and sales.

You invest valuable time and effort in your PowerPoint presentation so why not publish it for those who could not be present or save it for future reference?

Recording professional PowerPoint presentations has been difficult because it is challenging to have the speaker well exposed without having the screen overexposed. And if you focus on getting the screen well exposed then the speaker becomes underexposed. This leads to a less than professional looking video.

New advances in technology have made it possible to produce affordable professional PowerPoint presenter videos that you will be proud of and motivated to share and promote.

To see a sample video from one of our clients click here.

Starting at only $695 we will film your next PowerPoint video presentation on location using two cameras making sure that the presenter is well exposed, the slides are clear and eligible and the sound is great.  All you need to do is provide us with the PowerPoint file and make a great presentation for us to record.

Our service includes the complete production from filming the presentation to the editing and even publishing the finished video on the web if you want.

Act now and save $100 off your next video presentation if you book before the end of 2010!

Watch my poewer point presentation here.