Events, presentations and speaking engagements are all great opportunities to turn these occasions into marketing content. The best medium for this is video.

Recently one of our clients, Cycle Paul, a full service bicycle shop in Pointe-Claire Quebec held an open house to launch the spring season. They asked us to shoot some video to use on their YouTube channel and Facebook page.

They had arranged to have sales reps of the various suppliers be present to introduce their products to customers. We arranged to interview them early in the morning about their products before the crowds came in.

The store manager Piere-Paul, who is fully bilingual, conducted the interviews and we filmed it with one camera. We had the interviewer hand hold one microphone and placed a wireless lavaliere on the presenter.

The filming was done in one take as the manager knew exactly what he wanted to ask and the presenters really knew their product lines well and were quite articulate. We did one take in French and then repeated the whole interview in English.

The resulting videos which were uploaded to their YouTube channel and then placed links on their Facebook page were completed the following week.

The videos are split into sections by product type and brand using annotations. This makes the videos interactive and allows the viewer to quickly access the content they want first.

The whole shoot took one morning and the editing about two days. The end result is very informative video content produced quickly and at a very affordable price.

The video can also later be split into individual clips to place on the product pages of their website. This is an added plus because they are about to launch a new e-commerce website, so the product videos can add an important element to the visitors experience.

There are numerous ways that any organization can use this example to create video content by taking advantage of current events and planned sales presentation or speaker occasions. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Trade shows (also capture some client testimonials)
  • Conferences
  • Association meetings
  • Training events (interview the instructor)
  • Networking events
  • Speaking events (either those you give or attend)
  • PowerPoint presentations

Steve Goldberg