interactive video screenshot

Share your story, your passion and your expertise, frame by frame with our latest interactive video application. Interactive video is an effective communication asset as it enables you to share your expertise visually in short clips which ensures your viewers engagement. It is also a valuable relationship builder tool as it helps your viewers connect with you. Viewers no longer need to sit through a 5 minute video looking for the pertinent information as they can now go directly to the informational clip they want. Each clip is clearly labeled to function as a map of the video. As in linear videos, interactive clips are replicable and visible 24/7, but with our interactive app you can now track the progress of your views. The analytics are designed to inform you which clips were watched and for how long, enabling you to further elaborate on your most popular clips. Interactive video is a great opportunity for you to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as you share your company’s story with others. Build trust and credibility and show the uniqueness of your brand. Visit our website to further explore the app.