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Social media marketing is the most viable marketing medium.

Business professionals and organizations are shifting their marketing objectives and budgets towards social media channels. This is due to the amount of time people are spending on these websites, as well as the cost effectiveness of social media as compared to traditional marketing. (Read more about Social Media Video Marketing on our blog)

Benefiting from this new marketing phenomenon poses both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is to stand out and be noticed. This requires a different approach that must be tried and adjusted overtime while measuring results.

As a subject matter expert, you too may capitalize on the social media phenomenon to increase your exposure to potential clients and warm up your prospects to your products or services. Using video as part of your publication strategy along with written articles and blogs increases your exposure, increases traffic to your website, increases the impact of your message on your audience and greatly amplifies your communication and credibility.

Key benefits from using social media video marketing:

  • Powerful communication tools that engage your audience and your followers more effectively than other marketing methods
  • Enables you to speak directly to your potential customers and clients. Shows you are the content expert
  • Provides a more human touch to attract potential customers and thus helps build trust with your followers
  • It is the least expensive marketing tool available today
  • Expands your reach as it helps you be found through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, not just through Google searches or Yellow Pages
  • Increases your business profile. Expands your reach.
  • Better targeting of your audience by setting parameters
  • Drives traffic to your website. Increases your exposure. Increases your product and service awareness
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