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We have the best team in Montreal to produce your project. We are experts in our field and the satisfaction of our customers is our priority.

Stephen (Steve) Goldberg

Stephen (Steve) Goldberg is a founding partner of MemoriesFx and has been interested in both film making and photography from a young age. In the early 80’s he launched a video production and photography business that specialized in weddings and events. He has worked the last fifteen years as a training facilitator and business coach specializing in leadership, teamwork and sales. He is also the founder of Optimus Performance a training and development firm.

Steve is an outgoing and personable leader with a sharp business mind and a passion for combining creative thinking to help people develop their business and organization. His understanding of the key fundamentals of storytelling through images and words along with his years of business experience and technical know-how makes him an ideal partner to help clients communicate their message with high impact.

Judith Kolomeir

Judith Kolomeir is a founding partner of MemoriesFx. She has been involved in listening to peoples stories for many years. A practicing psychologist, she is a great listener, pays attention to detail and understands the human element. As a hobby, Judy enjoys journaling her many experiences in poetic fashion. She has written several short stories and is considering publishing them. She is also an avid photographer and loves to photograph details that we often miss in our everyday hurried lives.

Understanding and caring deeply about others, Judy has an exceptional ability to put people at ease, to help them feel comfortable while being filmed, and to help them develop their unique message. Whether it be for business or personal purposes, Judy has a flair that enables her to work closely with clients. She will help develop the perfect story in a manner that has an immediate and emotional effect, leaving a lasting impression on the target audience.

Alexis Demers
Sound Designer

Alexis Since January 2010, ÉcouteVoir Productions is an emerging sound production company based in Montréal. Founded by Alexis Demers, the operation manager, the company offers a variety of audio services for video production and multimedia.

The enterprise has the technical and creative abilities to provide their clients with a wide range of audio services. Since they are in operation, the company created a couple of original musical themes for web television and corporate video, did a lot of concert, events and on location recording in addition of sound mixing and mastering. ÉcouteVoir Productions is the best price earning ratio for your audio needs.

Robert Elvey

Robert Elvey is an editor for MemoriesFx. His work methods are experienced, fast, efficient and creative. Bob has been an active member of a production community for over 18 years, and has been an Avid/Final Cut Pro editor for 12 years. Bob has worked with several major US post-production companies and has experience with a vast range of clients; from large corporations and ad agencies to collaborating with local, independent producers.

Each video Bob creates is unique, based upon the nature of the elements provided, the budget, and the intended purpose. His experience and professionalism enable Bob to highlight the key points in a creative and dynamic fashion, ensuring the message is clearly communicated with an effective impact.