Training videos offer many benefits to businesses. They build trust and credibility with potential customers, they fortify relationships with existing clients, they offer businesses a competitive advantage and they enable companies to show off their uniqueness. Just the fact that a company makes the decision to invest time and money to produce training and tutorial videos shows commitment of adding value to clients. Because most consumers research for products and services online, having training and tutorial videos ensure a 24 hour sales tool to engage your prospective buyer. This strategy to build credibility can work especially well for companies selling complex products and software. Software developers often allow free trials of their software and provide tutorial and training videos to help new users use the program. I have often taken advantage of this when considering buying a video editing or special effects software. Below is a link to an example of a training video from Sony Creative software for their Vegas editing program. I watched this particular video to learn how to use the audio plug-in that came with my last upgrade.

Sony Creative Software

Recently, I was shopping for some new LED video lights and during the search online I came across a variety of training and tutorial videos. Here are some of the websites I visited. I wrote brief explanations of how I envision the companies are using training and tutorial videos to help explain and promote their products. When I first visited F&V Lighting I did not see many videos on their site but now when I re-visited for this article I see that videos are prominent right on their home page. F&V Lighting On the F&V home page you can choose from four categories of videos, blog type videos, news, a video gallery and new product videos. The video gallery is where all their videos are posted and they offer a wide variety of types of videos. Most I would not classify as training and very few as tutorial. Many are product overview videos presented by someone from F&V. These are good for people shopping for their category of products. I was surprised to see that they did not include a specific video review from Cheesy Cam who has a big following on his blog and YouTube for his video product reviews. In fact I was influenced by his review of the F&V LED R 300 ring light and now own the product, along with another F&V light that I purchased on eBay. Below is the Cheesy Cam product review video of the R300.

Embedding product reviews from third party reviewers on YouTube is a good tactic to incorporate in your video marketing strategy. Why not use other people’s assets if they make them available? They can contribute to building the credibility of your products and brand. Litepanels is a popular reputable brand of professional lighting fixtures with a wide product offering. There website is well laid out and there is an icon on the home page to access their videos. Litepanels I was quite impressed by their training videos and the fact that they hired a professional director of photography and trainer to host the videos and conduct the training. Also the quality of the overall production is excellent, which greatly contributes to the perception of the brand and products as being high quality as well. Below is an example of a training video from Litepanels featuring Doug Jenson, director of photography for Vortex Media. This is a combination of training video and product overview. A video like this can give a serious buyer the confidence to buy the product.

I also searched for lights on eBay and almost purchased from a vendor there, but I needed the lights quickly for a client project. I found the same lights from Strobepro in Calgary, Alberta and found an interesting video on their website that was made by filmmakers who use their lights. Strobepro does not make their own videos but smartly engaged reputable filmmakers to do a product review/tutorial type video to build trust and credibility. Here is the video that I watched. It helped convince me that these were good quality lights.

B&H Photo in New York City is a retail store selling to consumers and to professionals and is probably the destination for the widest selection of photo and video equipment both in their store and online. I shop regularly on their website and also use it to research products. They have great product reviews by customers and one of the best e-commerce websites I have encountered. Presently B&H do not feature video on their website but they have a comprehensive YouTube channel with over 267,000 subscribers at the time of this writing.  There are a variety of types of videos and the training videos they produce are done by Kelby Training.  Below is a video on 3-point lighting which is a combination of a product and tutorial video.

As a video production company we produced training and tutorial videos for several customers. Here is an example of one we did in a series for a local bicycle shop.

Training and tutorial videos can be very simple or highly sophisticated. Of course, you need to determine a budget and decide how much you want to invest in this marketing tactic. If it fits with your marketing strategy, plan how to measure your ROI for your videos. Keep in mind that when producing any type of video including training and tutorial videos, you want to make them entertaining, informational and educational.  This will hold people’s attention and want to share the video. Even when using simple production values, the video should be congruent with your brand image and your core marketing message. Training and tutorial videos are a great way to build trust and credibility with potential clients and loyalty with existing clients. This has been my experience in producing videos for clients and also from my own recent shopping experience.

Stephen Goldberg
Video Producer, MemoriesFx