Standing out at a trade show, conference or networking event is something every marketer and salespersons wants to achieve.

The video name tag is a device that greatly helps achieve this goal. You simply load any video or photo onto the device, attach it to your clothing using the powerful magnet or the lanyard, and voila, people are easily drawn to you like never before.

I know this personally as I have attended many networking events and conference over the last 2 years wearing the video name tag. I often just stand in one place and as people walk by the device catches their eye and they stop to talk with me. I have easily increase the number of people I meet at these events by anywhere from 50% to 100%.

I recently sold a pair of video name tags to a freight logistics and brokerage firm. Sandra Faraj and Andre Goguen are partners at Action Customs Services Inc. and A.G.O. Transportation Inc. and got very excited when the saw the device being worn by one of my clients at a local Chamber of Commerce event. They attend an international conventions several times a year and their goal there is to meet new customers and partners. They saw the immediate benefit this device could bring them in reaching their goal at these conventions.


The video name tag is manufactured in the US and is a high quality sturdy device. It features a bright OLED screen and 4 GB of memory. The included software package converts Windows   format avi and wmv types videos to a compatible format for the device and the videos get loaded through a USB connection.

Sandra and Andre were in a rush to make a video their device so they could where it at a large Chamber of Commerce event. Below is the video we turned out for them in one day.

Here is a promotional video I made to explain the video name tag

Steve Goldberg

Video Producer, Memoriesfx