Just this past weekend, my partner and I wanted to do some light canoeing or kayaking close to home. We had heard of a park about 20 minutes’ drive north and went online to search for it. We found the park and explored the website. It showed they offered rentals of canoes, kayaks and other types of boats.

We were debating if the park was the one we had heard of and if it was worth going to. Then I noticed the YouTube icon at the bottom of the page and found some well-made short videos. I watched the main video that gave an overview of the park and the activities offered.

I immediately felt that this was a place I wanted to go to. I realized then the power of video in bringing the visitors experience to a whole new level. The video had the power to trigger much more emotion in me than just the text and images on the web pages. We went to the park and enjoyed a great canoe excursion close to home.

Businesses still question the value of investing in video for their websites and social media pages. Even though I produce videos for businesses, I sometimes have my own doubts as to how effective videos are in attracting and engaging potential clients. This experience made me realize again the power of a simple yet effective video.